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How Wheelie Suitcases Can Ruin Your Trip

Some travellers use wheelie suitcases, but do you know that it can ruin your trip? Wheeled luggage may be a fine option under ideal conditions. However, ideal conditions on your journeys may be rare. If you are new to travelling, you will want to ditch that type of suitcase and go for an ordinary backpack.

How suitcase with wheels can ruin your trip?

Skip the wheelie suitcase. Otherwise, you run the risk of having the troubles of taking it to your trip. You do not know the condition of sidewalks to the places you are going to visit. Otherwise, your fancy suitcase with wheels may become an extra burden for you instead of providing you ease.

The concerns with wheelie suitcases include broken wheels and its difficulty under adverse conditions and rough terrains. Wheeled suitcases are meant for the smooth surface floors, not on uneven floors or cobblestone streets. You are constantly on the move, and constant rolling of your wheeled luggage on uneven surfaces can damage the wheels. When those wheels break, you’re screwed. difficult

When to use wheelie suitcase

If you know the place where you are going has a lot of good sidewalks, then bringing rolling suitcases should be fine. If you are going somewhere with rough terrain and you will be moving a lot, then use a backpack.

As much as you want to have a comfortable trip, you have to know the place where you are going, including the road condition. If you are travelling from the airport and will be getting the taxi straight to your hotel and the same when you go back, then you can bring your wheelie suitcase otherwise, just bring your backpack to travel easily.

Travel Places To Consider After Covid-19 Pandemic

While travelling is still limited, there is still no reason not to daydream about travel. We totally encourage planning and finding the best travel places so that when all this is over, you can get your bags and ready and go. Here are some of our best spots:

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


This country has already set a great example for a sustainable future and it can be seen that when you mention Singapore people recognize it as an urbanized island. Everywhere you look at the island it just speaks toward sustainability. It is modern, efficient and diverse where conservation is part of their existence.

Singapore’s famous food culture is also popular among tourists. For less than $5 you can get a bowl of laksa or even a broth-poached chicken served with garlicky rice. How about a caviar-spiked short-rib or oyster omelette at the back of the alley?


There is no better place than a visit to Austria especially if you are a hardcore “Sound of Music” fan, but even if you are not, it is still a beautiful country filled with great outdoor adventure, meat and cheese. Where else can you find a “cheese road”? or eat countless würstchens and Wiener schnitzels? Where else, but in Vienna.

Portland, Maine

This hidden treasure of the country invites tourists with its maritime vibes, cobblestone alleys, red brick buildings, and incredibly friendly tourists. Portland is great for both Millennials and Gen Xers as they may up the population. The food scene is also incredible with the best seafood restaurants coexist with international cuisine.

About Travels Companion

5 Traits to Look For in a Travel Companion

Some people like to travel alone but some love company. If you are a part of the latter, then this article is for you. 

The travel companion you take can make your journey the best or the worst of times. So if you plan to tag someone along, make sure to think of these things when looking for the best travel companion:

Street Smart

If you are someone who is not great in direction and navigation, it helps to be with a travel companion who has a great grasp of where to go. Come with someone who is street smart so you will not have a hard time finding the ins and outs of places. 

Outgoing and Spontaneous

It is better to keep the company of someone outgoing. He should always be ready and open to meet new people and discover new places. Part of what makes the trip even more memorable are the discoveries and adventures you will explore so make sure you are with someone in it for this, too. 


Whether you eat street food or dine in a fine restaurant, your travel companion must always be ready for it. He must also be open to sleeping in the outdoors or a hotel. Whatever the case is, whatever adventure you are on or whatever food you try, he must be adaptive and on for it. 

Similar Budget

Budget is a big factor in traveling. If your travel companion doesn’t have the same budget as you do, it’ll be hard to stay on the same page. Make sure you both have the same spending to keep the journey afloat. 


Travels don't always work as planned. Go with someone easy-going. Someone who is warm-headed and will go with the flow. Choose someone laidback and accepting of things even if they didn't turn out the way you both pictured it. Just charge it to experience. Those are the memories worth keeping.